Welcome to Java Talk

I’ve been thinking of making this Java Talk website for over 15 years. It first started @ 2007 with a simple routine of meeting good friends for some coffee a few times a week under the nearby heated outdoor food courts (in Irvine, CA, USA). The conversations ranged from reflecting on last weekend activities to upcoming events. Filling the time was not difficult. It was rather what and how we could achieve ambitious goals for the greater good with our current skillsets and resources.

It is now, in the eve of October 2022, that I start officially ‘documenting’ the journey. I have learned over time that ‘anyone can have a great idea’ but it is the person who can execute is the one who sees greater success. I’m not declaring that my ideas are good – but I’d rather practice the art of practicing – the long game – towards a greater, future me.

Topics (and pages) will come and go, evolve, and develop. I’m sure patterns will develop and the ‘cream will rise’ and perhaps, my writing will improve. In some recent tutoring, I was impressed with different types of ‘rhetorical devices’ the student was learning. I thought how interesting it was, like a puzzle when looking for patterns, and thought how I wanted to challenge myself to use these in my own writing.

I’m looking forward becoming a better communicator. Especially in my current state, I consume alot of YouTube educational content – but when asked to have a position – I notice I struggle. Do you? Rather than just having an emotional opinion or rooted in religious or moral belief, I would like to have a stronger position that was ‘thought out.’

Therefore, Java Talk is the catalyst. Welcome. And stay for some coffee.


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